About us

David and Carlen met in the summer of 2007 while working retail showroom construction at the Atlanta Gift Mart. They both attended The University of Georgia {go dawgs!} where David studied Business Management and Carlen studied Linguistics and Comparative Literature. In college, they both discovered their love for art, particularly graphic design, but decided not to concentrate on visual arts in their academics.

In summer 2008, David graduated from college and instead of taking the traditional job-search route, he started his own woodworking business making handmade picture frames, mirrors, and chalkboards. Despite doubts from others, David has grown DA Custom Frames into a successful business over the past five years.

Three years later, David and Carlen got married and moved to Denver, Colorado, where Carlen began her job as a high school English teacher for low-income students in Aurora, Colorado. She fell in love with her students but knew that teaching wasn’t her passion, so she made the difficult decision to leave the teaching profession and team with David to start host & toast.

About what we do

At host & toast we design and produce quality decor for weddings and events, and we strive to work with each of our customers on a personal level.

In our design process, we seek to remain true to our taste yet relate to multiple styles, meaning many of our products are influenced by different areas in design {check out one of our "product inspiration" posts on the blog to see what we mean!}. We love the concept of bringing multiple influences together to create something new and unique in design.

In our studio, we produce and sell only the highest quality products, right down to the finishing and packaging. We care about more than just sales; we care tremendously that our brand is known for quality and integrity, so we take every opportunity to demonstrate excellence in our production and packaging.

In our customer relationships, we not only strive to be professional and sincere, but we also desire to collaborate with customers. Some designers have an "I always know best" attitude, but at host & toast we want to enhance our customers' creative ideas and ensure that their wedding day is not only a day they will always remember, but also a day that expresses who they are and their adventures together.