The Muse : Solid Walnut + White Acrylic Floating Letter Board

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The Muse : Solid Walnut + White Acrylic Floating Letter Board

Looking for a letter board, but wanting something a little more original? Meet 'The Muse,' the first floating, solid walnut letter shelf for the aspiring writer. Display an inspirational quote one day, then a funny or snarky message the next with easily changeable acrylic letters in either black or white. Each letter is designed to rest in a routed groove on all three shelves, appearing to "float" on your favorite display wall in your home.

Includes 110 matte white acrylic letters with purchase. Also available with black acrylic letters.

Want the flexibility to use black or white letters, OR just have more to say? Purchase a bonus pack of letters in either color.

[Product Description]

  • Board Dimensions: 22.5"W, 12"H, 1.25"D.
  • Letter Dimensions: 1.25"H, widths vary, 1/8"D.
  • Materials: solid walnut, acrylic (black or white)
  • All of our products are designed and produced in our Atlanta, Georgia studio.

110 Letters included with purchase:
6 of the following - A, E
5 of the following - I, 0, L, M
4 of the following - D, N, R, S, T
3 of the following - B, C, G, H, P, U, Y
2 of the following - F, J, K, Q, V, W, Z, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0
1 of the following - X, @, #, &